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How do I know which keywords work for my business?

Natalka Antoniuk
Author: Natalka Antoniuk

How do I know which keywords work for my business?

To choose the right keywords for your business website to target, you are going to have to do some keyword research. Keyword research allows you to identify the phrases that your target audience are searching online. It’s more than that though. Thorough keyword research involves: identifying searcher intentions identifying keywords and phrases analysing search difficulty and number of searches competitor analysis ...

Five times you really should bid on your brand

Five times you really should bid on your brand     A question that often raises debate in a digital marketing team is whether they should bid on their brand terms. PPC marketers often want to bid on their brand terms because this traffic performs so well. It therefore makes their performance reports look nice. While other marketing members may argue that a sale from a brand search would have happened anyway regardless of...

Increasing Traffic and Brand Awareness: A Startup's Guide to Better SEO

Startups often have a lot of things on their plate. They are working hard to create a product or service people want while trying to get the word out there and build a customer base.A significant hurdle that every startup has is being able to balance these two areas properly. If they spend too much time on product development, they may not have enough people using their product. But if they spend all their time marketing and trying to get people...