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Brand Stories

Every brand
tells a story.

We are bombarded with advertisements every day. Making your advertisement stand out and successfully reaching out to your audience is a tough task. Creating an engaging brand story can help you stand out. But what exactly is a brand story and how does it make a difference ?

Brand Stories
Brand Stories

A great brand story is a way of creating a perception of your brand which speaks of the values you adhere to. For eg. APPLE. Apple – the perception that this brand carries is of great design, quality and great user experience. This perception holds on to any product that apple comes out with.

The biggest advantage of being able to create a brand perception is that it de-couples your brand to the primary or initial set of products or services that it offered. For eg. Nike was primarily a shoe company – but they expanded to sports gears, apparels, belts, watches and even deodarants. Do we ever question the quality of watches of nike – considering that its not a watch company – but a shoe company ? That’s the power of branding.

Your brand story is a way of showing, of creating an image, of creating a perception, rather than telling, what your brand has to offer.

Brand stories are designed by creating a long-term story arc, being consistent, and showing them what you care about. A great brand story is something which touches all spheres of your business. Listed below are the areas which all together should speak and exuberate – your brand.

  • The truth
  • The purpose
  • The vision
  • The values
  • The products and services
  • The team
  • The value delivered
  • The name
  • The tagline
  • The logo
  • The content and copy
  • The designs
  • The customer experience
  • The quality
  • The positioning
  • The perception
  • The reputation
  • The reaction

Storytelling has become more relevant due to the audience's desire for authenticity, meaning, and emotion from brands.

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