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CrypKart - Trader friendly, peer-to-peer crypto trading platform

Case Study

Branding for Crypkart

Crypkart was another unique business that challenged out digital marketers to their peaks for getting it right. Crypkart was not a popular business, neither was it a brand that audience knew before they came to us. Their main motive to do the branding was for creating a personality that goes with their way of working.

Crypkart needed a unique branding and marketing plan to make their audience aware of the brand and be present at all the places their target audience is dwelling. This was a different task for our team because Crypkart demanded us working on something that we never did - Blockchain Technology.

Working on this project not only gave us lots of new insights and things that we never knew but gave our team an experience of a whole new technology in the market. To start with making it big for Crypkart we had to understand their goals and break them down to smaller tasks which can be done one at a time.

Creating the logo, brochures, website design and social media creatives were some of the initial tasks we took up to get the project up and running on the internet.

Goals for offering Digital Marketing Services?

  • Blogging
  • Create Awareness Online
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Branding

Right from branding the Crypkart business to generation of leads for them. Everything online for Crypkart was done and taken care of by BitWise Branding. It all started with building a website on a proper website structure. Crypkat is a blockchain based business and hence needed a lot of in depth research into finalising the pages and content on each of them each.

Learning the revenue streams and understanding how the TA would interact with a block chain based business was the most crucial task for the team. Once the website was up and running we started looking for keywords and concerns of people that Crypkart would fit as a best result for.

In a span of 5 months everything was set, a complete brand was made with a personality and graphics. Basic SEO activities were then started and social media profiles were kept active regularly.


"The team at BitWise Branding is prompt at every step of the project. Their activities in marketing helped us showcase our work in a classy manner, giving the right image to our brand, something that our team was lacking into visualising. We have now scaled to clients outside India also. Proud of the team and we already refer them to everyone with digital needs."

- CrypKart

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