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Case Study

Brainy for SEO and Web Development

Brainy is a project whose niche we are familiar with and have worked in before. Our team is well capable of and experienced into working over this project. Brainy was also one of the projects that needs a lot of work to be done to get the expected results. Well, we didn’t fall short at any point as was expected of us.

Goals for offering Digital Marketing Services?

  • Build website
  • Create Awareness Online
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Lead Generation
  • Branding

Along with the website a fast tracked social media plan was made and executed with paid ad campaigns to get the word out about Brainy business services. Basically Brainy drives it’s business in two fronts, i.e Franchise and Students. Each of the business fronts had different goals and needed targeting different demographic audience.

We spent lots of time and effort into deducing the perfect audience for each of the business categories and things were taken forward in 2 different fronts all the way since then. We started doing regular paid ad campaign on social media as that is where both the audience sets resided according to our research. And everything worked exactly how it was supposed to, generating leads started early in Brainy’s case. Apart from that the website had started generating leads in a couple months time as well.

Brainy went on to be featured in elite business magazines and online blogs. Branding designing work was taken over by us as well. The creatives, wall designs, visiting cards, catalogues, anything and everything digital was completely taken care of by BitWise Branding with satisfactory results.


"We always wanted a branding agency who could understand our complicated business fronts and revenue models to plan and execute the marketing strategies that work best for us. After working with BitWise Branding for so long we can gladly confess to making the right decision on going with Bitwise rather than anyone else. "

- Brain Child Learning

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